Thema: AAC Settings

hallo alle zusammen,

kann mir denn jemand alle parameter über die ich beim neroaacenc verfüge posten?
diese hier habe ich gefunden bzw gibt mir die hilfe aus:

*                                                           *
*  Nero AAC Encoder                                         *
*  Copyright 2008 Nero AG                                   *
*  All Rights Reserved Worldwide                            *
*                                                           *
*  Package build date: Sep 17 2008                          *
*  Package version:                              *
*                                                           *
*  See -help for a complete list of available parameters.   *
*                                                           *

neroaacenc [options] -if <input-file> -of <output-file>
<input-file>  : Path to source file to encode.
                The file must be in Microsoft WAV format and contain PCM data.
                Specify - to encode from stdin.
                Note that multiple input files can be specified, they will be
                encoded together into a single output file with chapter marks
                indicating source file divisions.
<output-file> : Path to output file to encode to, in MP4 format.

  ==== Available options: ====

Quality/bitrate control:
-q <number>   : Enables "target quality" mode.
                <number> is a floating-point number in 0...1 range.
-br <number>  : Specifies "target bitrate" mode.
                <number> is target bitrate in bits per second.
-cbr <number> : Specifies "target bitrate (streaming)" mode.
                <number> is target bitrate in bits per second.
                When neither of above quality/bitrate options is used,
                the encoder defaults to equivalent of -q 0.5

Multipass encoding:
-2pass        : Enables two-pass encoding mode.
                Note that two-pass more requires a physical file as input,
                rather than stdin.
-2passperiod  : Overrides two-pass encoding bitrate averaging period,
  <number>    : in milliseconds.
              : Specify zero to use least restrictive value possible (default).

Advanced features / troubleshooting:
-lc           : Forces use of LC AAC profile (HE features disabled)
-he           : Forces use of HE AAC profile (HEv2 features disabled)
-hev2         : Forces use of HEv2 AAC profile
                Note that the above switches (-lc, -he, -hev2) should not be
                used; optimal AAC profile is automatically determined from
                quality/bitrate settings when no override is specified.
-ignorelength : Ignores length signaled by WAV headers of input file.
                Useful for certain frontends using stdin.

gibt es denn auch noch paramater wie z.b. beim lame das durch den pramater -k oder jetzt -noshort die frequenzen nicht abgeschnitten werden?

oder andere parameter welche nicht inder cmd durch help aufgelistet sind?

was ich auch noch suche ist eine verlässliche tabelle oder möglichkeit die mir aufzeigt welche kbps verwendetwerden bei dem parameter -q (0-1).

hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen